Market of local products

Wednesday at 3pm, square next to the city hall

Small weekly market, with the presence of very local producers: goat cheese from "la chèvre'rit" in Belmach, or honey from the "Rucher des Trois Frontières" in Apach.



Circuit du Hammelsberg : 5,1 km

The Hammelsberg tour passes through the nature reserve of the same name, which is home to some very special species, all of which are protected, and various orchid species. The starting point of the tour is the Chapel of Peace, which has the particularity of being built exactly on the border. It contains a list of the victims of the three Franco-German wars, displayed not by country but in alphabetical order.

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Discovery tours

Balade apachoise


Natural heritage



Réserve naturelle du Hammelsberg

Pelouses calcaires


Rural heritage

Lavoir de Belmach



Religious heritage

Église St Donat

Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs - Haut Apach

Chapelle St Antoine - Belmach

La grotte de Belmach

Ancienne croix : rue Hovert

Ancienne croix : chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs - Haut Apach 

Ancienne croix : rue de Belmach

Ancienne croix : hameau de Belmach



Local producers

La chèvre'rit

Cheese, goat's milk products

Rucher des Trois Frontières

Honey and products of the hive

La Ferme de Belmach

Fruit juice / syrup, cereals and derived products, lentils and organic flour, jam, poultry - eggs 

Les jardins de Belmach

Fruit, vegetables, organic products



Le Clos de la Ravine

Traditional cooking



Catering pastry shop

La boîte à gouter by Audrey



Le moulin d'Apach

Guest rooms

Jean Marie Kestener

Flat for 3 people

Trois Frontières Tourisme
3, place Jean de Morbach
+33 (0)3 82 83 74 14 
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